The Best Website Builder For Beginners-Joomla Review 2017

Owners: Open Source Matters
Pricing: $0
Support: Search through Joomla online data base                   The Best Website Builder For Beginners
Ease of Use: Moderate-Advanced
Best Suited For: e-Commerse and social networking websites
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Overall Ranking: 4/5 points





All the greatest websites today, are driven by simple to use content management systems,which allow you to edit and manage your website without needing to write a single line of code.

Are you thinking about starting an online business? Do you want to create and publish a powerful website, but you are afraid you don’t have the experience? Continue reading to discover if JOOMLA is the best website builder for beginners.


Introduction is a JOOMLA! service that allows you to create and take care of a totally free website, which is hosted for free, on the JOOMLA hosting platform for as long as you want.  A website created on is powered by a modified version of JOOMLA! CMS, which is an award winning content management software developed and maintained by a community of dedicated JOOMLA volunteers.

A selection of professionally designed templates and over 50 pre-installed languages makes a popular choice for website building. Features

Fully responsive templates means your website will look good on any device.

The Best Website Builder For Beginners




















Easy Click Start means your website is online in seconds.

The Best Website Builder For Beginners

Easy text editing means you can easily customize your site text.

The Best Website For Beginners

Media Manager allows you to add your own images or use pre-loaded images

The Best Website For Beginners

Multi-Language Administrator allows you to change the language of your content with just one click. Your free website comes with 50+ pre-loaded languages.

The Best Website For Beginners

Ease of Use

We found the start process was easy; we chose our sub-domain, entered our e-mail and password, and launched our site.

The Best Website For Beginners

The template choices were impressive, making them excellent choices for an online entrepreneur, hobbyist, or blogger.

We used for test purposes and were pleased with the website we were able to create; however, we were frustrated by the editor.

At first glance, the editor appears to be just like any other text editor; however, we found the inline editing aspects to be frustrating to manipulate.

We give the Joomla editor a relatively low grade, because we are used to using WordPress, which is the the most widely used website-builder on the Internet

Here is an example of our test website created on It is not a bad site; however, we spent a great deal of time and energy to place our images and text–and it could still use some improvements.

Our Sample Website has over 6,000 “extensions” or “plug-ins” to make your website run efficiently. Unlike the Word Press plug-in menu, the Joomla extensions menu does not offer descriptions. This can be frustrating, especially if you are new to website building.

Templates and Designs offers a selection of designer-made templates and designs, which produce good looking sites; most of which have a professional look and feel.

Support does not commit to any level of personalized support; however, there are several online support resources available:

    • support tutorials
    • official documentation
    • Joomla tutorials
    • Joomla community support forums

One of the features we value most when it comes to support, is having access to instant support, coaching, and help when you need it. That is why our #1 recommendation best website for beginners is

Click Here To Read Our Full Review. 

Having support when you need it is crucial when you are starting an online business, and support that is designed to help you build your business from the ground up is priceless.

That is why we joined Wealthy Affiliate, a service giving us 2 free websites, and all the training, tools, community support, and technical support we needed to build a successful online business.

For an in-depth look, read our Wealthy Affiliate University Review


When choosing Joomla as your website builder, you have a couple of options. You can go to and create a free website, which is the option we chose for our test site; or you can opt to sign up for a 90 day free JOOMLA! demo account at

Benefits of a free demo account:

  • free for 90 days
  • comprehensive video course
  • expert 24/7 support
  • after 90 days, easily move your demo site to a standard hosting account

Hosting Accounts:

Start Up

  • $3.95/mon.
  • host one website
  • 10GB disk space
  • 10,000 monthly visits

Grow Big

  • $7.95/mon.
  • host multiple websites
  • 20GB disk space
  • 25,000 monthly visits


  • $14.95/mon.
  • host multiple sites
  • 30GB disk space
  • 100,000 monthly visits

To compare JOOMLA hosting plans, click here. 

Our Final Thoughts

The JOOMLA Website Builder is powerful and fairly easy to use, making it suitable for e-commerce or social networking websites. JOOMLA makes setting up e-commerce shops quick and painless.

JOOMLA is free and fairly easy to use; we have already mentioned these facts. But it does require a basic understanding of technical skills, which many beginners do not have.

Our Choice: WordPress

If you are a beginner or you want to quickly and efficiently set up a simple business or blog website, we recommend using WordPress because it is powerful, versatile, and user friendly.

WordPress websites offer powerful SEO out of the box, making them the best website builder for a beginner or an experienced website building veteran.

Build A Free WordPress Website Here 

If you run into a problem while setting up your free website, get in touch with us here and we’ll be glad to help you.

Owners: Open Source Matters
Pricing: $0
Support: Search through Joomla online data base                   
Ease of Use: Moderate-Advanced
Best Suited For: e-Commerse and social networking websites
Web URL:

Overall Ranking: 4/5 points


If you have questions or you want to leave your own JOOMLA review, leave your comments below. Join the discussion!

Larry and Kathy


  1. Hi Larry and Kathy,

    Great article! I remember when I was a student to Computer Science on college. Our project group used the Joomla to create our website.

    Joomla is a great free open source website builder tool and I would recommend it.

    Thank you for sharing and helping others to know about this great free tool.

    All the best,


  2. Barb

    Hi Larry & Kathy!

    I had no idea about Joomla until I read your article. I’m of the same mindset as you when it comes to WordPress. I think it is the best out there, but then I’m a little bias as it is what I built my website with.

    I’m definitely going to check out Wealthy Affiliate!

    Thanks again.

  3. michael

    This is a great article Larry and Kathy.

    I myself have never used Joomla and always stuck with WordPress — but your review makes me want to try it out sometime in the near future.

    Have you ever used Joomla yourself? Or do have any plans in the future switching from WordPress to Joomla in the future?

    • Larry and Kathy

      Hi Michael,

      Joomla isn’t a bad choice for someone who has a little technical ability; however, we found Word Press to be more user friendly for the beginner. We did try Joomla. In fact we used the free membership to build a test website for this article research. Like we said, it was okay, but our technical abilities are still growing. WordPress is much more suited to our abilities. We will stay with Word Press.

      Thank you for stopping by!

      Larry and Kathy

  4. Paul

    I’m wondering something. It appears that you can host through Joomla, but is it possible to buy a domain name through them, or do you need to go to a third party to do that? Most of the site development services I’ve looked at requires you buy a name through a different service.

    • Larry and Kathy

      Hi Paul,

      If you choose to build a JOOMLA website, you can purchase a site domain from SiteGround, which is who powers the JOOMLA websites. If you are looking to host a website through JOOMLA, follow this link to compare their plans.

      If you are looking to hot a website, we would also recommend looking at Wealthy Affiliate. You are able to buy a domain name through them when you are a Premium Member..

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Larry and Kathy

  5. Hi Larry and Kathy,

    I have been seeing Joomla online for a long time but I have no idea it’s a website builder. Thanks for your post and thorough review I have learned something new today.

    For those planning to put up an e-commerce shop, is Joomla the better choice?

    • Hi Norma,
      JOOMLA is an excellent website for e-commerce. It is what a lot of online entrepreneurs choose when they want to build their e-commerce sites. We still prefer WordPress–only because it is the one we are used to using. If you have a bit of technical skills, JOOMLA would be the right choice; however, if you don’t have the technical skills, a WordPress website builder would be our recommendation.
      Larry and Kathy

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