Is The Fletcher Method A Scam?

Name: The Fletcher Method
Price: Monthly-$99; Lifetime-$1997; Yearly-$997 Is The Fletcher Method A Scam
Owner: Aaron Fletcher
Best Suited For: Novice-Experienced Small Business Owner

Overall Rank: 5/10





The Fletcher Method is a comprehensive step-by-step technique, designed by Aaron Fletcher, to help build your online business. This method uses established frameworks and principles, all designed to provide members with the ideal platform for quick business growth. The Fletcher Method offers a unique “M.A.P.S.” (mentoring, accountability, peer support, systems) approach to learning; which makes it suitable for both the beginner and the experienced entrepreneur.

The Fletcher Method Features

All three levels of membership have access to the same features.

  • Immediate access to the Fletcher Method Community members area
  • Step-by-step training videos
  • QuickStart marketing frameworks
  • Bi-weekly live training seminars
  • Support from other community members
  • Access to current and future training programs
  • Tested and proven advertising and sales copy
  • Free mobile responsive Word Press templates
  • Printable frameworks
  • Networking opportunities within the community
  • On demand (within 24 hours) Fletcher Method support

Best Suited For

The Fletcher Method is designed to be used by those who are completely new to Internet Marketing; and yet,it is perfectly suitable for those who are experienced entrepreneurs.

Internet Marketing

Ease of Use

The Fletcher Method is easy to implement, the process is simple and the training is designed for the beginner. In addition, members are provided with a check list to help them stay focused and on track. In the screen shots below, community members give you their opinions.

Templates and Designs

Members have access to free Word Press Templates and designs. There are many professionally designed themes for you to choose, giving you the independence to create your own unique site.

Is The Fletcher Method A Scam


The easiest and most widely used way to receive support is to post a question within the Fletcher Method Community. Members can also receive support and ask questions during the Bi-Weekly group coaching calls, by calling customer service, and by submitting a support request to the Fletcher Method support team; the support team usually responds within 24 hours of the request.


Available before you become a member:

Free Webinar

  • Designed to provide you with an overview of the Fletcher method and help you decide if the techniques are a right fit for you and your business
  • Details actionable strategies, templates, and tactics to raise your business to the next level

Stand Out (Free E – Book)

  • Designed as an introductory resource for online marketing


  • Free 4 part video series
  • Free templates and downloads

Membership Options:


Is The Fletcher Method A Scam

Our Final Thoughts

The Fletcher Method is a decent system, but the cost is expensive, especially since you are required to purchase a membership before you are given access to the membership area. The free webinar and workshop were excellent, but we were not given the opportunity to experience the community. We believe it is important to have the opportunity to test-drive before we make an investment. That’s why we tend to recommend products that allow you to “try before you buy”, like Wealthy Affiliate.

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The Fletcher Method offers a good deal of training and support, which is important to business success; however, the community is large. This could be intimidating to some people.

The Fletcher Method is easy to use. Some of the methods can be used to build your online business. However, much of the training is geared towards the small business owner. This can be frustrating for a person who is just beginning to get his feet wet with Internet Marketing.

The Fletcher Method suggests using Word Press to build a website and offers many free Word Press templates; however, it does not offer a website building platform or web hosting.

Interested In Building A Free Website? Click Here-We’ll Give Step-By-Step Instructions

Although the Fletcher Method is legitimate and a decent program, we gave it 5 points out of 10 because it does not offer free websites, web hosting, or a domain platform, which are things every online entrepreneur needs to be successful. Read about our number one recommendation here. 

Name: The Fletcher Method
Price: Monthly-$99; Lifetime-$1997; Yearly-$997 
Owner: Aaron Fletcher
Best Suited For: Novice-Experienced

Overall Rank: 5/10

If you have any questions, reviews or opinions about the Fletcher Method, we would love to hear them.  Please leave them below. If you need a hand with building your website or getting started with Internet Marketing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Larry and Kathy

Wealthy Affiliate Review


  1. Hi, Larry and Kathy!

    This is the first time I’ve really looked into The Fletcher Method.

    When I read about it before, I thought it sounded a little bit interesting. I didn’t know the exact details of the program, but I kind of had the gist of it.

    Reading through this review, it does sound like The Fletcher Method does have a lot to offer but that price for membership is really steep!

    Showing the comparison between The Fletcher Method and a similar service, Wealthy Affiliate, it does seem like Wealthy Affiliate has a major upper hand.

    I’ll have to read your number one recommendation if things are that good!

    Thanks for the review, Larry and Kathy.

    I enjoyed the read.

    • Hi Nigel,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. The Fletcher Method does offer a lot, but they are a bit pricey, especially for someone just starting out. Wealthy Affiliate has so much to offer, and at a much lower price. The ten free lessons you get and the two free websites are enough for you to get your feet wet. After you complete the classes, you’ll know whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is the right choice for you.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Larry and Kathy

  2. michael

    Hi Larry and Kathy,

    I too have never heard of the Fletcher and while it does seem really interesting I have to agree wtih Nigle and say the price they are asking for is way too much.

    I like the idea of how WA is affordable for just about anyone and also teaches a fundamental way in how to build an online business.

    • Larry and Kathy

      Hi Michael,

      The Fletcher Method offers a lot, but they also cost a lot of money. We have been part of Wealthy Affiliate for a while now, and we are pleased with their services. The training has been excellent and the support has been amazing. And it didn’t break our budget!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Larry and Kathy

  3. gregg schmid

    Not at all sure why Wealthy Affiliate members need to rely on tearing down the rest of the market to get ahead.

    If this was an honest review that would be one thing but you see these stupid fake reviews all over the place – and all from Wealthy Affiliate members.
    And to be clear I know nothing of Arron Fletcher other than doing a little research on him.

    • Hi Gregg.
      Thank you for your opinion. We are sorry you think our review is “stupid and fake.” We try to be fair and give our honest opinions, allowing our readers to be as informed as possible. It is not our intention to tear anyone down. The review given comes entirely from our own experience with the Fletcher Method. If you have a different experience, we welcome you to share. Our readers deserve a well rounded view. Again, we thank you for your comments.
      Larry and Kathy

  4. Paul Clifford

    I read through this review and to be honest its pure BS. You’re not comparing apples to apples. Wealthy Affiliate is short term’ism. You will never get wealthy relying on the method they teach. This is why they give stuff away..and to be honest there is no value in it. (This post is an example of what they teach. Ride other peoples traffic with Fake reviews. If this is how you want to lead your life based on fake, unethical trickery – then go for it.)

    The Fletcher method is a solid step by step method you can follow to build a REAL business. It has a ton of people in their community who are actually genuinely successful (not wanna be’s). I’m in there and so can provide genuine feedback on the quality of the training and community. AND I would pay more than they’re asking – rather than waste time and money on scams.

    Larry and Kathy have not bought the product (because they’re obviously not making enough money with the “Wealthy Affiliate System” so its not really a review. Just an affiliate using the Fletchermethod traffic to promote their affiliate links.

    In the end.. I expect they’ll delete this post as they can’t defend it.

  5. Michelle Boucher

    I compared The Fletcher Method with The Profit League. TPL is a “discounted” $4,000 lifetime fee with community support, 2x week live webinar help, and only applies to Facebook.

    TFL is annual, less than half the price and has a more structured, proven approach that experienced marketers understand. It also is “media agnostic” so works for many different platforms.

    Each has its own benefit, and I do not see providing a web site as a determining factor for selecting any type of business growth service. It is a nice to have but is not the focus of what these services are about. So, judging based on that factor is not reflective of the quality of the content of the program.

    I would rather understand how successful people have been using any method, and why.

    That would be a review of value to me.

  6. I am currently using the Fletcher Method (I have been a member for the last three months). I have experienced a great deal of growth from the community and the content, but that is solely because I put in the time and effort. If you are looking for some sort of get rich quick scheme, this is not what you are looking for.

    Let me tell what it has done for me… I have learned to set realistic expectations on what I am creating when it comes to digital/internet marketing. I am the founder of a FinTech startup and I am quickly realizing how much time and energy is required for building out a product offering that resonates with my audience.

    Initially this program was a huge pain in the ass! I had to redo the first few steps multiple times, but that’s only because I wasn’t digging deep enough through the process.

    If you want quick results… look elsewhere. This product makes you dig deep and really find where your value lies in the product spectrum.

    Has it added value to my company? 1000%!

    I have grown as a marketer and entreprenuer ten fold. I actually have decent lead flow, I actually have a product that resonates with my audience, I am actually making money.

    Did it take an insane amount of work? Absolutely.

    The Fletcher Method peeps are here to sugar coat things for a sale. They are legitimate coaches who genuinely care about the quality of coaching and product they provide. The members of the community are super helpful, but will call you on our bullshit. Which we all need.

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