Is Replace Your Job A Scam?

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Name: Replace Your Job
Price: $97 + many upsells

Owner: Kelly Simmons
Best Suited For: Beginner-Intermediate

Overall Rank: 0/100             NOT RECOMMENDED


What Replace Your Job Says:

Replace Your Job is a program for search engine link posting. The target audience is people seeking to work from home. Anyone can use this program to earn an income from home; you don’t need experience or technical skills. All that you need is a computer with Internet access. You post links from companies and then you get paid when someone clicks on the link.

What Replace Your Job Is:

Replace Your Job is actually a portal that takes you to a program called Online Software Solutions. Once inside the membership area, you will find training on link posting, social branding, and traffic generating. This training isn’t bad, but it’s not the best–and the topics don’t appear to be in any logical order. This could be very confusing for someone new to Internet Marketing.

Why We Don’t Recommend Replace Your Job

Business Logos

work at home job

The creators of this scam have used these reputable business logos to earn credibility; it is a tactic used by many online scam artists. It is meant to create a sense of legitimacy. Inclusion of well known TV and magazine names doesn’t necessarily indicate a scam; however, focus your attention on the text above the business logos; it says “Work From Home Opportunities Have Been Featured On…” You will notice Replace Your Job was not specifically mentioned.

The Promise of Quick Cash

Work from Home, Internet Marketing

You’ll notice several unrealistic promises in this screen capture.

  • Start earning within five minutes
  • Start earning immediately

These kinds of promises are highly unrealistic because in order to start earning a significant amount of income, it takes time to learn the skills you need and it takes effort to put those skills to use.

 Tapping Into Your Emotions

Internet Marketing

This is a psychological technique used by most online scammers. They play on your emotions in order to trick you into buying their product.

Immediate Upsell

Internet Maketing

Your initial $97 does give you access to the members area, but not before you are bombarded with several other “must have” offers, which are designed to get you to spend even more money.

Replace Your Job promises you a free one-on-one  consultation with an Internet Wealth Expert. You do speak to a person, but their main focus is to get you to buy more products and services.

In our opinion this is not ethical business practice.

60 Day Guarantee

Internet Marketing

Replace Your Job emphasizes a 60 day money back guarantee. This is a good indication the service they are offering is a scam. When we were reviewing the information on their site, it seemed as though Replace Your Job spent more time selling their guarantee than they did their product. In fact, it was very difficult to understand the kind of work we would be doing because you don’t truly find out until after you have paid the $97 start-up fee. This fact alone, made us want to run far away from Replace Your Job.

Use Of A Tactic Known As “Tyranny Of The Urgent”

Work from home Work From Home





Scammers use this tactic to make you think you are getting a great deal. If this were a legitimate product, it wouldn’t be going anywhere. The makers of Replace Your Job are asking you to make a rush decision by making you believe there is a sense of urgency.

In our first image, you can see we were asked to check for availability, and then we were taken to another page telling us there were just 9 spots available. This was just a ploy to get us to sign up before we could realize we were about to get scammed.

Greed Factor

Affiliate MarketingMany online scam artists count on your sense of greed to kick in. Replace Your Job is no different. The idea is to get you to dream and then make you think this opportunity can get you that dream.

Several Under Sells

Affiliate Marketing

This tactic is used to trick you into thinking you are getting their product at a tremendous discount. After all, who doesn’t want a discount?

Replace Your Job begins with a ridiculous amount of money and slowly keeps lowering the price until you believe you have been given a tremendous discount.

 Bad BBB Rating

Affiliate Marketing








We know this lists Home Job Source as the business being rated; however, after we did a little investigating by clicking on the website tab, we discovered Home Job Source and Replace Your Job were one and the same.

Work From Home

affiliate marketing







 You Can’t “Try Before You Buy”

Internet Marketing

We highly recommend products that allow you to “try before you buy.”  Replace Your Job requires you to pay $97 before you gain access to the members area.

Our #1 Recommendation Offers The Ultimate Guarantee–


If you want to experience exceptional training and support for FREE (No Credit Card Needed), then we suggest you consider the community at Wealthy Affiliate.  You can read our full review here.

work at home job

Name: Replace Your Job
Price: $97

Owner: Kelly Simmons
Best Suited For: Beginner-Intermediate

Overall Rank: 0/100             NOT RECOMMENDED    replace Your Job Scam

Have you been scammed by Replace Your Job or one of its many aliases? Leave a comment below and tell us about your experience. We would love to hear about them.

Larry and Kathy


  1. Thank you for this excellent information and how you have outlined all the details that make the offer not quite so good. I think the psychology of your post is excellent, the way you have included points like: “Use Of A Tactic Known As “Tyranny Of The Urgent” and also the images where you point out discrepancies such as the inclusion of big television or news source logos that don’t really have anything to do with this site. Thanks for your analysis.

    • Hello Leita,
      Thank you for stopping by! It’s a scary world out there, but if we are diligent and watchful, we can avoid scams like Replace Your Job. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Whenever you are looking to join a program or buy a product, it always best to do your research. Find out what others are saying about. Get informed! Be watchful.
      Here’s to hoping you remain un-scammed,
      Larry and Kathy

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