How To Find Your Niche Market

You have decided to venture into the world of Internet Marketing; you have taken a huge step towards financial freedom. As an Internet Marketer, you have the potential to escape the monotony of your nine to five job. Your decision has placed you in the position to shape your own destiny. Now it is time to choose a direction; choose your niche.

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Now is the time for you to put away all your fear and intimidation about creating your online presence. Now is your time to shine. You are the expert as long as there is just one person looking to you for guidance.

What Is A Niche?

In a word, a niche is a group of people interested in something specific; it is the business you will be in and the kinds of products you will promote; it’s your specialty. For example, Dr. Oz is in the health and wellness niche. Dave Ramsey’s niche is common sense education and financial freedom empowerment. There are literally thousands of niches from which to choose.

There are people who help customers choose their perfect vacation destination. Health and wellness is a tremendous niche. You can find people teaching organic gardening, selling essential oils, offering survival tips and techniques. The market is endless.

Every niche out there will not be a match for you; however, in this article we will show you how to turn your passion and interest into a profitable Internet Marketing business. Click here to find out more about choosing your niche.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing A Niche?

Choosing a niche has many advantages.

One Direction

Choosing a niche helps you stay focused, helping you to understand what your customers want and need. Having a specific niche helps you know what appeals to your unique audience. A niche gives you the ability to approach your targeted audience with eagle-eye focus, and you are more likely to generate sales.

Learn From Our Mistakes

When we first ventured into the online marketing world, we made the mistake common to all newbie online marketers. We bought into the idea that a website offering a huge assortment of products like, was the perfect business direction. The thought process behind this kind of website was if we offer products that people are willing to buy, we can’t go wrong. 

Don’t offer more products than you can handle

We quickly learned the error of our ways. First of all, we didn’t have the budget Ebay has. Because we offered so many different kinds of products, it was difficult to advertise. We didn’t have the time or money to create ads and content for web pages for so many different themes, and we became discouraged.

Expert Status

It is important that your customers come to know, like, and trust you; building up your expert status propels this process. In our technical culture, people are searching for reliable information, and they want it quickly. Today’s consumers are looking for real people to help them; they are drawn to people who understand their specific need or problem. That person can be you!


We are social beings and we crave connection with others. If a customer looking to purchase educational toys buys a toy from a major educational toy company website, chances are they won’t connect with the company owner. But if you had published a review on your website for the same toy, there is an excellent chance that customer will connect with you by asking questions, offering feedback, or receiving your tips and suggestions directly in their email boxes.


Helping others achieve their goals can be very rewarding. There are millions of people in the global market who need your help. Perhaps you are a scrapbooker who is always showing others how to create beautiful scrapbooks. You could easily turn your knowledge of scrapbook making into a profitable online business where people not only take your classes, but they pay you money to teach them.

Little Risk

If your chosen niche isn’t a match, you can easily move to another one. Beginning with one niche allows you to start small. Once you find a proven business strategy, you begin to sell more products, which earns you a bigger income. When you are ready to increase your business, you can choose another niche and begin the process again. Your possibilities are endless.

You Can Harness The Power Of The Internet With Proper Training

By now you are probably overwhelmed. That’s okay. You find yourself in good company. Anyone who has stood where you are standing has felt the same way. Today you are a beginner, but it won’t be long before you are an expert. We can show you how it all works. 

With an online business, there is low overhead and very little start-up costs. We can show you how to create a free website where customers can find you, purchase products from you, and refer others to your site. 

You don’t need to understand a bunch of technical information. You can be successful with good planning, and by creating interest. This is something anyone can do with proper guidance and support.

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How To Find Your Niche Market


Generate a list of possible niche ideas. Don’t hold back. Put down anything that comes to mind. Don’t over think about it. Just create your list. We have a small notebook designated for niche ideas. This way we always have it handy whenever an idea comes to mind.

  • Think about the niches you are a part of–What groups do you follow? What products do you buy online? What kinds of information do you search for online?
  • Consider the things you are most passionate about or interested in–This could be teaching people how to scrapbook, sharing recipes for weight loss, or helping new parents choose the safest car seat for their newborn.
  • Explore your hobbies–Information sells very well on the Internet. We can teach you how to leverage your hobby or interest in a profitable way.
  • Think about work experience–The skills you have learned through work experience could potentially turn into a profitable business.

Every business begins with an idea

Narrow the list

Look over your list and decide which ideas would bring you the most joy. You are going to be focusing a great deal of time and energy into this new endeavor; choose five you are most passionate about. After all, if you don’t enjoy the subject, you won’t be motivated to achieve success.


Research your ideas to determine profit potential.

How Do You Choose One Niche?

The Process

You will use this process for each niche on your  list. To demonstrate, we will take you step by step using the niche of organic cloth diapers.

  • Do a Google search of keywords related to your niche. Begin a broad search and then narrow your search to more specific features of the niche.


In our organic cloth diaper example, we searched for organic cloth diapers; however, we could have searched for organic diapers, non toxic and safe diapers, how to fold cloth diapers, natural fiber diapers, and etc. The point of this step is to look for strong search results. Look for websites dedicated to the niche, articles written about the niche, blogs dedicated to the niche, and other online businesses related to the niche.

  • Do a keyword search. There are several services out there, but we like to use Jaaxy. It is free to join and you get 30 free searches with the free membership.

We searched for the same keywords. You can see all of the results have been given a green light. That means these keywords generate traffic; typically, there is a good chance organic cloth diapers could turn into a profitable online business.

  • Do an Amazon search.

Amazon is an excellent research tool. We searched for the same keyword as before, and this page shows 16 out of 15,296 results for organic diapers. This is a good indicator that an organic baby diaper business is a viable niche.

  • Sign up for an affiliate marketing site. We use places like CJ Affiliate and Shareasale. These particular companies are online marketing companies specializing in affiliate marketing. Search for your niche; if your search yields many products, then you have found a likely market.
  • Search for affiliate programs in your niche. To search for an affiliate program in your niche, type your product+affiliate program. In our example, we typed in organic cloth diapers + affiliate program. Here are three different affiliate programs we found in this niche.


The Next Step

Choosing a niche requires some effort, but the work you put into choosing your niche will pay off in the end because if you have followed the process, you have built a strong foundation for your online business. Now it’s time to open your business by publishing your website, selecting your products, and setting up your marketing campaign.

Click here to watch a video and learn how to build your free website in minutes.

Have you chosen your niche? Leave a comment and let us know what it is. If  you haven’t chosen a niche and want help finding one, leave a comment and we would be glad to help you.

Thanks for stopping by,

Larry and Kathy


  1. Ed

    Really nice article you’ve written here,

    This sort of content is super helpful for people just starting out.

    I myself started on ‘the journey’ a while back and like you said it can be tough – lots of mistakes can be made.

    You’ve broken down key concepts really nicely. For me, like you said, the tiny overheads sort of spurred me into action. I’m a full time student but was looking to develop something on the side so internet based work is ideal for people like me.

    It’s a shame I’ve only just come across your work now! I’ll check back for more tips in the future.


    • Larry and Kathy

      Hello Ed,

      Nice to have you visit us! Essential oils is only one possibility of being able to earn honest money online. The list of possible niches is endless. With an online business, you can work as much or as little as you like. And at Wealthy Affiliate, you have lots of support and comprehensive training. All the best to you as you build your online presence.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Larry and Kathy

  2. Neil

    Escaping my mundane life-sucking day job would be a dream come true, as it would for so many other people. I have been looking into Internet Marketing as an option for escaping my employer and generally living life on my own terms with the enough income to fall back on. 🙂

    Choosing something I’m passionate about and building a website around it, sounds like an awesome way to build an online business and make money as an affiliate.

    There sure are numerous benefits associated with building a niche, and I really appreciate the help with picking one.


    • Larry and Kathy

      Hi Neil,

      With determination, time, and effort, anyone can turn their passion into a business. we’re glad we could help. If you have more questions or ideas, please stop by again and let us know.

      Larry and Kathy

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