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About Larry and Kathy


Welcome to Drop The Nine To Five.com!

We are Larry and Kathy, your personal Internet Marketing Guides. We love cooking together,taking care of our pets, family time, God, and His Son, Jesus, being empty-nesters, and Internet Marketing.

Together, we have worn many different hats over the years. Larry has been a night closing manager at McDonald’s, a maintenance technician, a plumber, and an AutoCad technician. Kathy has been a cashier, a substitute teacher, a full time teacher at a small Christian school, a home tutor, and she has worked several home party sales businesses.

Walking A Path That Leads To Nowhere

Over the years, we’ve followed several paths, hoping they would bring extra income into our home. We’ve tried everything from Multilevel Marketing and party sales businesses, and in each case we gave out more than we brought in. We’ve spent our fair share of time and energy pestering friends and family, trying to get them to “buy into “the business.” We’ve even endured the agony and rejection of making cold call contacts. While these approaches to business have worked for some, they have never worked for us.


Larry worked for a modular company for 23 years, until he was forced into unemployment when the company folded. He remained unemployed for nearly three months before he was able to obtain employment working for a local plumber, earning almost half of the wages he had been earning with the modular company. To help make up the difference in loss of income, Larry took on a side jobs and completed a few freelance drafting projects.

Kathy worked as a teacher in a small Christian school for 17 years until health issues and complications from hip replacement surgery forced her to leave.

Making Adjustments

To help make ends meet, we made changes in our spending. We cancelled magazine subscriptions, cancelled our television service provider, and Kathy gave up her cell phone. While these actions helped a little, they did little to alleviate our financial situation.

Online Entrepreneurs

That’s when we became online entrepreneurs. We’re not millionaires and we’re not “internet marketing experts”. We are simply every day common people who have discovered the possibility of making honest money online, and decided to tap into it.

What We Discovered

  • We discovered we didn’t need marketing or technical experience. And that’s a good thing, because neither of us had any. 🙂
  • We discovered we didn’t need to invest a large amount of money to get started.
  • We discovered it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make our business successful.
  • We discovered there is not a magic button to push to earn a lucrative income.
  • We discovered we could succeed with proper guidance.
  • We discovered there is an ethical way to earn money through honest methods of Internet Marketing.

Working From Home And Loving It

We get to help people, pick our own hours, and take control of our finances.

What Are We Doing?

We have discovered Wealthy Affiliate, which is a private online “school” that teaches online marketing. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t like a traditional private school because it it absolutely FREE to join. Wealthy Affiliate delivers what it promises, and it teaches practical ways to make honest money online. We were skeptical at first, but we did our due diligence.

Our Experience

In our experience, there is one absolutely CRUCIAL element needed to make money on the Internet, and that is guidance. Wealthy Affiliate has done exactly that. 

We Want To Help You

We want to help you do the same. Believe us when we tell you we know a thing or two about how difficult it is to succeed in a home based business, but we’ve discovered with proper guidance at our finger tips, most of those problems fade away. Of course, we had to be willing to put in dedicated time and effort to succeed.

What We Are Not Offering

We are NOT  offering a “get rich quick” scheme, because quite frankly, they are unethical and they simply do not work. 

What We Are Offering

We are offering you a realistic, honest, and ethical method of making money in this industry. 

What Do You Have To Lose?

Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely (no credit card required) free to join. So there is no risk. Why not check them out? It will be our pleasure to assist you. You will have personal access to us; we are ready and more than willing to help you get started. Here is a link to Kathy’s profile.

So very glad to meet you!

Larry and Kathy

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